Scar Revision Before & After Photos

Scar Revision Before & After Case 1

Our cleft lip reconstruction techniques extend to adult lip reconstruction!

Dog bites and other traumas can lead to problems with muscle retraction, excess scar tissue, or mismatch of key landmarks that can cause problems with cracking, bleeding, or unnecessary negative attention.

Often, this can occur despite meticulous repair at the initial injury because of the trauma to the tissue from the original injury.

Skin and fat can atrophy and heal unpredictably. An anatomic and meticulous primary repair is best, but sometimes a revision is inevitable no matter what.

The timing is best done once the foundation and acute injury has stabilized, usually 6-12 months after the initial injury.

Here, release/resection of the scar tissue and re-repair was able to take care of her lower lip concerns, with bunching that can cause problems with chewing, speaking, and bleeding in dry weather.