Cleft Lip Revision in Dallas, TX

What Is Cleft Lip Revision?

Cleft lip and palate is a common facial deformity at birth, with estimates suggesting that 1 out of every 1,600 babies born in the United States is born with the issue that causes a gap in the upper lip that goes up to the base of the nose. Babies who are born with this facial malady need surgery at a very young age to prevent serious issues with speaking, breathing, and eating. However, after a child who had cleft lip and palate repair grows closer to adulthood, signs of the long-gone deformity may remain noticeable on or near the upper lip. That’s why Sage Plastic Surgery Group offers cleft lip revision surgery, which can give patients fuller lips, more confidence in their appearance, and address the look of a past cleft lip. If you or your child had cleft lip and palate surgery as a newborn, call our Dallas, TX office to learn more about cleft lip revision.

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How Is Cleft Lip Revision Performed?

Cleft lip revision surgery at Sage Plastic Surgery Group is performed under general anesthesia and typically involves lengthening the upper lip and delicately reducing any existing scarring from prior cleft lip and palate surgery. In some cases where scarring is more conspicuous or a more significant lip abnormality is present, the entire upper lip may be repaired. Jaw surgery to repair a bite issue caused by cleft lip and palate may be required prior to cleft lip revision, as the position of the lips may change during the jaw procedure. Be sure to mention whether or not you have had jaw surgery during your consultation with a member of our team.

Leave the Cleft Behind

An abnormal lip structure or appearance as a result of a prior cleft lip and palate can cause individuals to be self-conscious about their appearance. If this applies to you, Sage Plastic Surgery Group can surgically modify your upper lip and give you confidence for the future. To learn more about cleft lip revision, contact our Dallas, TX office today.

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